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Judy Dolmatch
Margie Scott
Amberllyn Peabody




We met in August 2002, at the Network for a New Culture Summer Camp in southern Oregon. What connects us is a passionate belief that we can make responsible and innovative choices that enhance all life, and have a great time doing it.

Judy is the visionary behind ARTrageous Camp. She wanted to create an empowering event that was fun, a bit edgy, with opportunities to experience a range of art and creativity forms with dynamic people. She called in Amberllyn Peabody, who helped originate Artgasm!, a community-oriented arts extravaganza, and Margie Scott, a certified retreat leader. Together they evolved the first camp on the Big Island of Hawaii, in January 2005. The success of this camp confirmed the need for a safe, supportive context to practice the skills of creativity and collaboration. We invite you to join us and experience the expansive joy that comes from living life as art.


JUDY DOLMATCH, MSW, believes that living fully is an improvisational art. She has a fascination with being human, and how to use the gifts of consciousness and compassion to benefit all life. She brings warmth, humor, and insight to her role as ARTrageous facilitator, in search of the ever present, but often elusive, "yes, and..."

Judy is a clinical social worker and nationally certified practitioner of psychodrama and group psychotherapy. She conducts workshops in improvisational theatre for personal growth and social awareness. In 1995, she founded the Rogue Valley ( Oregon) Playback Theatre, a troupe of improvisers who portray real life stories shared by audience members. In addition to developing ARTrageous Camps, she is a founding member of La’akea, an intentional community and retreat center in Hawaii.



MARGIE SCOTT is a vibrant and energetic woman, deeply interested in the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, in both the ecological and human potential arenas. When invited by Judy to help co-create and facilitate ARTrageous Camps, she jumped at the opportunity to direct energy to the creative muse within herself, revealing a new facet to her work.

Margie is a Certified Retreat Leader and Coach through Mountain Coaching in Colorado. Her workshops and retreats offer an opportunity for participants to look within themselves. She encourages participants to experience sanctuary and renewal, while gently nudging them to step away from behaviors and patterns that no longer serve their total well-being. Her formal training comes from the prestigious “School of Life” while being a gypsy traveler, program and administrative director for an environmental education and retreat center in rural Massachusetts, and creator of a tri-state environmental media network. With over 15 years experience in group leadership, facilitation, environmental activism and community building, she has had an active role in over 200 events.



AMBERLLYN PEABODY has a playful, sincere
spirit. Her deepest sense of satisfaction comes from assisting people to find a clear soul path and to step onto it with courage and passion. The ARTrageous Camps provide an excellent vehicle for Amberllyn to combine her creativity and love of ceremony with her gifts for empowering people to live life fully. She is fascinated with the dance of group dynamics in a community setting.

Amberllyn has an eclectic background that weaves together many useful elements for being an ARTrageous facilitator. Her formal training and experience includes four years as a pre-school teacher and five summers as a camp counselor. She has a BA degree from The Evergreen State College focused on Rites of Passage and Ceremonial Arts. She has created and facilitated many weddings and other life-transition ceremonies. Currently Amberllyn is a Life Coach and Personal Organizer, Graphic Recorder and Ceremonial Artist. She is also an accomplished singer/songwriter and plays with watercolors and other visual arts.






Email us, Call (203) 592-3681, or Write: ARTrageous Camps, PO Box 1188, Bisbee, AZ 85603
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