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  The Pure Joy of Play

ARTrageous Camp is an experience for
adults aged 16 and up to revel in the creative
process. Whether a weekend dip or a week long
immersion, the camp encourages wonder,
experimentation and the pure joy of play.

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  What Happens at Camp

The program

Every ARTrageous Camp is a combination of organizer and camper offerings. The schedule unfolds through a lively exchange of arts playshops, creativity activities, and spontaneous fun.

Campers are invited to offer playshops, a 5 to 90-minute structured activity that reflects an art form, talent, interest, or passion you’d like to share with others. This is an opportunity to develop leadership skills, get feedback on an idea or project, or be playful and silly. No experience is necessary, all experience is honored.

Organizers set the tone of safety and support. In addition to offering playshops, we facilitate the flow of the event to make sure campers’ needs are being met.

Week-long ARTrageous Camps also include time for each person to create and be witnessed in a personal ceremony reflecting a rite of passage, transition or gateway to a new life path.

Setting and accommodations

We set our camps in fascinating places surrounded by natural beauty. Our activities take place in comfortable indoor and outdoor meeting areas with plenty of space for art projects, performing, and hanging out.

Meals and free time

While each day of camp is different, meals are served
on a regular schedule. Our food is healthy, yummy and nourishing; and we accommodate most dietary needs. Snacks are available throughout the day.

Free time is important for rest, reflection, and following up ideas and connections made during camp. We include free time at all our events. You are welcome to take all the personal time you need, even if there is a scheduled event.

Field Trips

Our camps include adventures to local attractions.
Visiting beautiful, natural places for recreation and attending cultural events for enrichment enhance the diversity of our program.

Weekend Camps

For those who are curious to sample camp before signing up for a longer experience, or who want a quick re-charge retreat, weekend camps are offered throughout the year. We use the same framework of co-creative playshops, concluding with a catered dinner and group ceremony.


How ARTrageous Camp is Different from Other Arts Workshops
We live by three core values as we explore the many dimensions of creative expression and community building.

1. “You can’t get it wrong.” (So take risks, enjoy being a beginner, break the rules.)

2. You are “at choice” to do what nourishes you most (Practice loving self-care and send your “shoulds” packing!)

3. You inhabit a “yes, and…” world that embraces
all possibility.


Who can Benefit from Being ARTrageous?
YOU CAN! If you…

  • Are in a position to nurture creativity in others
  • Are a healer or are in need of healing yourself
  • Are a leader or teacher, or feel a calling to
    develop these skills
  • Are in a life cycle transition and need time to
    reflect on these changes
  • Are wanting to connect more deeply with your
    creative abilities
  • If you have ever wondered “How do my bliss, gifts,
    and calling intersect with the world’s need?”

ARTrageous Camp is about finding that place inside that is curious, tender, experimental and joyful, and expressing it in a safe and nurturing environment.

We commit to our aliveness and the connection we share with all beings. No matter what you do at ARTrageous Camp, you will have a caring, supportive group of people to explore and play with, re-creating and rejuvenating yourself at a whole new level.





Email us, Call (203) 592-3681, or Write: ARTrageous Camps, PO Box 1188, Bisbee, AZ 85603
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